All these dogs, with very few exceptions, were photographed in rural, relatively isolated areas. Many were in villages of aboriginal peoples. All the images are the property of The INDog Project and the owners of the photographs, and are subject to copyright. Using any images without permission will result in legal action. Central India: INDogs […]


“I wish to say a word or two on behalf of the common dog of the country, the unjustly despised Pariah…the true Indian Pariah Dog, mostly red in colour. That we have neglected this animal as a faithful companion, good watchdog, and excellent assistant in many field sports there is no doubt…” – Lieut. General […]

Archaeological Record for the Domestic Dog Canis familiaris, in India

This record compiles some of the evidence for the presence of domestic dogs in India since ancient times (at least 5000-6000 years before present). There are three sections here: Ancient dog remains, Depictions of dogs in ancient rock art, and References to dogs in classical Indian literature. Please note that we have listed only a […]

The Canaan Dog – Preserving a Biblical Dog in Modern Times

By Myrna Shiboleth Abstract:  The Israel Canaan Dog is one of the few existing breeds of primitive dog, known for thousands of years, whose natural habitat is the present day state of Israel.  These dogs have not changed since biblical times, and their biological characteristics are evidence of adaptation of semi-arid zones. The breed still […]

The Santal Hound

by Bulu Imam Drawing by- E.P. Stebbing The Dog The dog we are discussing, and of which the Santal Hound is a pure example, is not a mongrel as meaning the mix of two distinct types, but a pure indigenous dog with no wolf or Nordic/Spitz in its DNA. Dr. Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith of the University […]

The New Guinea Singing Dog

© Janice Koler-Matznick/Kennel Club Books Many have forgotten, but you must not forget it. You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.  The Little Prince,  Antoine de Saint-Exupery. History of the Singing Dog  Introduction The New Guinea Singing dog is a wild dog from the mountains of Papua New Guinea. They have been displayed […]

Hunting with Native Dogs in India (A Note from the Past)

A Note in the Bombay Natural History Society Journal Vol. 14, 1903, by Lieut. General W. Osborn, Indian Staff Corps, dated June 30th, 1901. (Notes in italics are explanations added by Gautam Das, New Delhi, India, 2nd June 2002) “I wish to say a word or two on behalf of the common dog of the […]


Pariah Pariah type: A pure, indigenous and ancient race of dogs that evolved to a distinct appearance and character through natural selection, without human intervention. This generalized appearance was described by Dr I Lehr Brisbin as the ‘long-term pariah morphotype’ (LTPM). The southern Pariah-type dogs across continents have the same physical characteristics: these include erect […]

The Indian Native Dog (INDog)

By Gautam Das The Indian Native Dog (INDog) is an ancient, autocthonous (landrace) type of dog that is found all over India and Bangladesh. It was featured some years ago on National Geographic Channel’s film, “Search for the First Dog,” which was aired in the USA on March 11th, 16th and 18th, 2003, along with […]